On The List! 
What do you get when you reach out and touch someone as you take advantage of the expertise, including tips and strategies stemming from this stage of reading? Readiness is the one common denominator, no matter what industry you are in, for building an effective and profitable prospecting list. If you're not preparing yourself and the prospect for the next steps in the relationship, then neither of you will feel the intuitive trust needed to close the deal.
This book will serve as a guide to help you learn:
  • How to use different resources, products, and services to generate leads
  • That there are plenty of “YES” prospects (you just have to find them or they need to be able to easily find you)
  • How to find your ideal prospect
  • Where your ideal prospect lives
  • How to convert prospects
This is a read to help you think strategically about who is currently in your network and whom you want to add to it. This is a read to GROW your prospects list now and get moving into 2021 GET READY! -book
Hundreds of Entrepreneurs are already
implementing these techniques and generating massive leads 

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Get On The List
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I am Tandra Price, a sales professional and network marketer who has invested over 15 years honing skills that enabled my path to become a speaker, author, trainer, coach, and “Networking Ninja”. With relationships and communication at the heart of my work, I have built a women’s empowerment brand that creates platforms for women to share their services and products via live conferences and online networking communities with a global reach. These platforms have supported women through:

the process of tapping into the power of networking and leveraging diverse, multi-level marketing resources; and 
creation of generational wealth through starting a profitable, scalable business (e.g., coaching, consulting, speaking, podcast hosting, travel). 

Being proximal to multi-million dollar leaders has afforded me an opportunity to build a unique skill set and knowledge bank that I am able to tap in to ensure that opportunities are not missed or overlooked. Those missed or overlooked opportunities are what inspired me to start a membership program for women called “WIN!” I serve as a coach to members who seek one-on-one and group advisement on next best steps for building a network that works for them and their growth goals. Members learn techniques to effectively network, strategies to grow business, and gain other invaluable resources to create the life they desire. 

My goal is to support everyone on their quest to WIN because when one of us wins, we all win. 

In addition to my community platforms, I have contributed content to  conferences and summits while being a guest on podcasts, host and co-host for networking platforms. You can join my networking community, Conversation Over Coffee, for free on Facebook for access to weekly talks with women who are finding and creating their way to a WINning lifestyle. 
Who is Tandra Price?